Archaeological Exhibits of the Castle Opočno


  • Opočno ()
  • 26. 5. 2018–31. 10. 2018
  • regular admission according to tour
Archeologické exponáty opočenského zámku (výstava)

Small temporary exhibition.

Seventy (mostly not yet exhibited ) artefacts from the depository of the Opočno castle.

The exhibition includes, for example, two bird mummies from ancient Egypt, Roman helmet (1st century AD), two thousand years old "Dong Son" drum, prehistoric axes, swords (from the 14th to the 16th century), hunting swords, knives and daggers (15th and 16th century), medieval axes, spear spikes and arrow points, horseshoes (from 14th to the 18th century), equestrian spurs and stirrups, Renaissance bronze decoration of the horse harness, or examples of medieval ceramics.

In addition, curiosities as a rare historical hand grenade made of burnt clay or (alleged) meteorite found in Dobříš estate.

Open list of exposed exhibits

(Only during the tours - I. tour or III. tour.)

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