Celebrate roses

Special tour

  • Opočno ()
  • 3. 7. 2021–6. 7. 2021
  • 9.00–16.45
Celebrates of roses - ban

12th year of tours of the chateau scented with rich floral arrangements.

This year's "Feast of Roses" is dedicated to the 250th anniversary of the union of the Colloredo and Mansfeld families.

In 1771, the owner of the Opočno chateau, František I. de Paula Gundakar, married Maria Isabella of Mansfeld, the daughter of the last male member of this family - Count Jindřich Pavel. The family symbols, estates and names of Colloredo Mannsfeld are merged. Admission is normal according to sightseeing tours (admission is not increased by the event).


(Only in Czech language with a printed description of the exposition.)


The poster can be downloaded HERE.