Night tours of "The African Journeys of Joseph II. Colloredo-Mannsfeld"

Special tour

  • Opočno ()
  • 16. 7. 2022
  • 19.00–22.00
  • 230 CZK

Prince Joseph II. Colloredo-Mannsfeld undertook two adventurous but mainly hunting expeditions to the African continent at the beginning of the 20th century. In 1901, from Khartoum through the valley of the Blue Nile to Vad Medani, through the valley of the Rahat River to Gallabat and back. The second in 1902, again from Khartoum, along the Abar River to the Red Sea to Tokar, with a destination in Port Sudan. From his African journeys Joseph brought back many trophies he had caught, as well as live animals such as macaques.

Come one evening and enjoy some of that early 20th century African atmosphere in the castle grounds...

Tour the castle at your own pace, accompanied by the curators.

There will be an interesting accompanying programme in the arcade courtyard in the form of African music performed by the Camara group (drums, yabara, carignan...).

Tickets can be purchased at the castle box office or online (not bookable):



With your purchased ticket, arrive in the arcade courtyard.