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"From time to time, characters from long ago come to life in our castle..."

On this extraordinary Saturday evening you have the chance to be transported back more than 200 years into the past, into a story closely connected with the Opočno castle. To the time when three gentlemen met at Opočno - Austrian Foreign Minister Klemens Václav Metternich, Prussian King Frederick William III and Russian Tsar Alexander I.

The humorous story of the three actors and their loved ones will transport you back in time and make you witness the time of 1813, the era of the Napoleonic Wars.

In Czech language only!

Tickets can be purchased at the castle box office or online (cannot be reserved):


With your purchased ticket, come to the arcade courtyard.

Tour times: 19.00, 19.30, 20.00, 20.30, 21.00, 21.30



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