On-line tickets for Opočno Château

It is advisable to pre-order your tickets for the château

In order to stricter rules for Vistors during the Covid 19 - pandemic, we prefered E-ticket or buy tickets directly cashless in cash office (with credit card).


eTickets can be purchased up to 48 hours before the tour.


Choose a date and tour from the list. Your purchase will be completed with your credit card

Please print your eTicket and present it to the entry guide. Please observe our terms and conditions. Customer support: rezervace@npu.cz

On tour route "Historical interiers" can you pre-book online. For E-tickets is only timed entry. Have you any problems, can you buy tickets in a ticket office.  The reservation per e-mail: opocno@npu.cz. 

For pre-booking E-tickets !Interiers" are timed entry: 9.30 am, 11.00 am, 13.00 pm, 14.00 pm. In  cash office directly - "Armoury hall" and "Family noble Kinsky apartaments."

This eTicket reservation system is not available for group excursion.

It is necessary to come in time on guided tour. E-ticket is valid in printed A4 format only.  Have you not reply on e-ticket, controll spam. Claims for ticket refunds should be send per e-mail: rezervace@npu.cz.

There is a max limit of 10 tickets on eTicket portal per person.