Opočno owners and holders, the most important and interesting events






The first written mention of Opočno Castle in the Cronicle of Cosmas. The Castle obviously suited the defensiv function.

the Drslavic

after 2nd half of 12th century ?

The Drslavic came to the East of Bohemia from Plzeň and Klatovy region.

Mutina of Dobruška

? - 1361 

Probably in that period a stone Gothic castle was built at the side of a former wooden fortified.

Sezema of Dobruška

1361 - 1373 


Štěpán and Jan of Dobruška and Opočno

1373 - 1376 


Štěpán of Dobruška and Opočno

1373 - 1390 


Půta, the older of Častolovice

1390 - 1397 


Půta, the younger of Častolovice

1397 - 1400 


Jan Krušina of Lichtemburk

1400 - 1408 


Hynek, Alexandr, Jan Krušina of Lichtenburk

1408 - 1413 


Jan Městecký of Opočno

1413? - 1431?

Jan Městecký was an eager supporter of the Hussites at first, in spite of this he hired an assassinator to kill the Hussite Commander in 1423. Then the castle was besieged by the army of Jan Žižka of Trocnov, in 1425 it was smashed to pieces and burnt down by the armies of the Taborites.

Jiří Berka of Dubé and Vízmburk

1431? - 1450 


Mikuláš Suchana of Libáň

1450? - ?


Svojše of Zahrádka

? - 1451 


Ladislav Pohrobek

1451 - 1455 


Jiří of Poděbrady and Kunštát



Václav Valečovský of Kněžmost

1455 - 1472 

The town evidently got the arms of the House of Valečovský.

Viktorin of Valečov and Opočno

1472 - 1477 


Samuel of Hrádek and Valečov

1481? - 1488 


Jan of Janovice and Petršpurk

1488 - 1495 

Opočno dominium was bought by the knight House of Trčka from Lípa.

Mikuláš, the younger Trčka of Lípy

1495 - 1516 

Mikuláš buys neighbouring estate and founds a large and very profitable dominion. In 1517 he enclosed his wife Kateřina of Šelenberk in a wall for her unfaithfulness.

Johanka Kroměšínov of Březovic



Jan, Vilém, Zdeněk, Jindřich and Mikuláš Trčka of Lípa

1516 - 1533 


Zdeněk Trčka of Lípa and Vlašim

1527 - 1537 

He does building repairs reconstruction of the southwest part of the castle.

Jan, the younger Trčka of Lípa and Lichnice

1537 - 1544 


Vilém Trčka of Lípa and Veliš

1544 - 1569 

In 1560 - 1567 building of the nortwest part of the castle and then rebuilding St. Andrew´s Chapel into The Holiest Trinity Church.

Barbara of Biberštejn and Jan Jetřich of Žerotín

1569 - 1575?


Jaroslav Trčka of Lípa and Ledeč

? - 1588 


Vilém Trčka of Lípa

1588 - 1596 


Kryštof Jaroslav Trčka of Lípa

1588 - 1601 


Jan Rudolf Trčka of Lípa

1601 - 1634 

Building the summer-house and a ball-game hall. Together with his wife Marie Magdaléna, neé of Lobkovic he achieved the greatest prosperity of the dominion. His son Adam Erdman was killed together with Albrecht of Valdštejn in Cheb in 1634. The Emperor confiscated all the possession of the Trčkas valued about 5 million Rhenish guldens. The area of the dominion was approx. 302 square kilometres.

Rudolf and Jeroným Colloredo-Wallsee

1635 - 1638 

The Colloredos bought the dominion from the Emperor at price of 51,456 Rhenish guldens.

Rudolf Colloredo

1638 - 1657 

The imperial general and governor of Prague Rudolf became famous in the defence of Prague Old Town against the Swedes.

Ludvík Colloredo

1657 - 1694 

The Royal Chamberlain of State built Capuchin monastery (B. Minelli) at cost of 2,200 Rhenish guldens.

Jeroným Colloredo

1694 - 1726 

After fire on the top floors of the castle building repairs in baroque style werw carried out, attended by an architect G. B. Alliprandi. The repairs were participated also by G. B. Santini.

Rudolf Josef Colloredo - Wallsee

1726 - 1788 

In 1775 there was a big serf uprising in Opočno region. The main financial income of the dominion was from breweries (35%). The castle expense made 17% of the total expenditure. In 1744 Rudolf gained The Golden Fleece Order.

František I. de Paula Gundakar Colloredo-Mannsfeld

1788 - 1807 

In 1771 he maried with Marie Isabela of Mansfeld and according to the family contract arms, names and properties of both families were joined.

Rudolf Josef Colloredo-Mannsfeld

1807 - 1843 

Perhaps in 1820 a romantic park was founded in the Golden Brook valley. There were classicism changes of the castle area and Virgin Mary Church.

František II. de Paula Gundakar Colloredo-Mannsfeld

1844 - 1852 

In 1843 František II. stood out hard against Opočno peasant and as Vice-Marshall of Windischgratz´s armies he participated in suppression of revolts in Prague, Vienna and Hungry in 1848. 

Josef František Jeroným Colloredo-Mannsfeld

1852 - 1895 

In 1887 repairs of the arcades were done.

Josef Colloredo-Mannsfeld

1895 - 1925 

In 1896 a picture collection was placed in two castle halls. At the beginning of 20th century changes of the interior and completition of Billiard Hall were finished. In case nobody from Colloredo-Mansfeld family was staying at the castle, the collection of weapons and paintings was opened up for public in 1922. 

Dr. Josef Colloredo-Mannsfeld

1925 - 1942 


The Reich

1942 - 1945 


The Czechoslovak Republic

1945 - 1961 


The Czechoslovak Socialist Republic

1961 - 1990 

In 1974 -1992 renovation of the facade, reinstallment and restoration of interiors and collections passed off.

The Czechoslovak Federative Republic

1990 - 1992 

In 1991 a claim to restitution was made by Colloredo-Mansfeld family.

The Czech Republic

1993 - 2003 

In 1994 - 2000 restoration of the arcades of the castle, complex reparing of the buildings in the Golden Brook valley after the flood in 1998 and repairs of the roofs passed off.

Kristina Colloredo Mansfeld

2003 - 2007 


The Czech Republic