Devil School - exhibition

The exhibition is a sweet, not scary, example of the life of little devils and their school duties.

As in every school, there are good, naughty, clever, but also a bit lazy pupils...
The big difference is what they have to learn. Even little devils don't have it easy at school, it's not easy to learn to recognize and punish evil, as it is in fairy tales... Let alone teaching such a wild bunch as the devils undoubtedly are. No devil is enough for that. Lucifer himself has taken on this daunting task to make sure that all the little devils learn all the magic and sorcery and do no harm or mischief in the world...

Installation of the exhibition in the so-called "hunger room" (entrance from the 1st courtyard)

Exhibition open: from 16 January to 26 February 2023

MON - FR from 09.30 - 15.00 / for schools, kindergartens and the public

SO - SUN from 10.00 - 16.00 / for the public


Dates can be booked either by email:

 or by calling 774 069 041

 or just come in during opening hours.

TICKET PRICE - ( price per person)

Children under 3 years FREE

Single ticket.....100,-Kč ( adults, children from 3 years old )

Schools,kindergartens,groups......80,-Kč (FREE accompaniment )

Family admission...........320,-Kč ( 2 adults + 2 children / 4 persons )


* A REAL DEVIL CLASS / full of naughty little devils and all sorts of things

* A BIG GATE TO HELL / where it is not advisable to enter but better to just pass by-because what HELL catches is "NOT REPEATED"!!!

* THE DEVIL'S POST OFFICE / the instrument by which the devils of the earth communicate with HELL and send to it accounts of sins for the consideration of the Lord of Hell himself.

* A HUGE POT / used to serve on sinners!, but don't worry..., hopefully it will be empty right now

* LUCIFER'S FAR EYE / through which Lucifer himself looks at the world and observes and sees everything at all times!

 and many other nice exhibits.

The entire exhibit will be scenically lit and soundtracked.

For more information, call 774 069 041.