Czech crown jewels within reach / Fates of 22 crowned monarchs

Korunovační klenoty

term: 4. 7. - 1. 10. 2023
Opening days and times: Tuesday to Sunday 9-17 h. (VII and VIII), 10-16 h. (IX and 1.10.)

Travelling Exhibitions CZ will present the unique exhibition "Czech Crown Jewels within Reach" in a new form in the normally inaccessible premises of Opočno Castle.

The story of the Crown Jewels is forever linked to the history of the Czech state. It began to be written together with the monarch Charles IV, when other items were added to the St. Wenceslas Crown, which today form the basis of the St. Vitus treasure of incalculable value. Over the centuries, there have been successive monarchs in power who have influenced not only the current shape of our state, but also the jewels themselves. The medieval jewels (crown, scepter and apple) were used in the coronations of Czech kings until the early 17th century, and the last time they were depicted with them was Emperor Matthias of Habsburg. During the Thirty Years' War, the sceptre and apple were permanently taken to Vienna, where they are still kept today. New Renaissance pieces of the sceptre and apple were made for Ferdinand I of Habsburg. The present set was used by Ferdinand II as the first monarch. The St. Wenceslas Crown remained an official part of it because of its historical and symbolic significance.

The masterful replica of the Czech Crown Jewels and sword will also be exceptionally seen with a masterful replica of the medieval sceptre and apple of Charles IV. After four centuries, the St. Wenceslas Crown will thus meet in one place in its original set, together with the Crown Sword.

The fates of 22 rulers across five centuries will be presented to visitors in the form of information panels, illustrations and exhibits illustrating the periods of their reign as faithfully as possible. The most interesting ones include a sample of the Order of the Golden Fleece and the Spear of Longinus, a copy of Maria Theresa's ceremonial dress and Ferdinand II's coronation cloak, an official replica of the Prague Jesuit, examples of Hussite weapons, facsimiles of medieval documents, and more).

The author of the exquisite replicas of the crown jewels is one of the best Czech and European goldsmiths, a legend among jewellers - Jiří Urban, who realised jewels for e.g. Queen Elizabeth II of England, a cross for Pope John Paul II, a replica of the imperial crown of the Holy Roman Empire and recently also replicas of the Castilian or Lombard crown. Details of the production process are shown in the accompanying video. The exact replica of the coronation sword was made by armourer Patrick Bárta.

Admission: 130 CZK - adults, 100 CZK - seniors and students, 80 CZK - children of primary schools, 40 CZK - children of kindergartens, photo fee 20 CZK.

Contact for the exhibition production:

Mgr. Petr Lukas, tel.: 605 972 588, e-mail:


Na akcích může být správou zámku pořizován fotografický nebo filmový materiál (více zde).
Změna programu a termínu vyhrazena.

Opening times

Period Days Hours
1. 10.-1. 10. sun
10.00 – 16.00

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